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Find peace and Healing at El Rophe Counseling Center in Waxhaw, NC

Are you struggling with depression or anxiety? Do you need help managing a recent change in your marriage? Don't go through tough times alone. Book a session at El Rophe Center Inc. - the Christ-centered counseling center in Waxhaw, NC. We offer holistic counseling services for individuals, families, children and couples. Our sessions combine the mind, body and spirit. Set up your free, 15-minute intake consultation to get started.

Why come to The El Rophe Counseling Center

We are a not-for-profit, tax-exempt center, striving to keep the operating expenditures and counseling fees low. Creating a therapeutic environment:

We believe that all persons are sensitive human beings whose physical, emotional, social and spiritual health can be adversely affected by illness, tragedy, unfavorable circumstances and poor choices. Based on these principles, El Rophe provides a caring and therapeutic environment for the entire person - body, mind, and spirit - to heal. That is why we chose the name "El Rophe," Hebrew, for "God heals."

We do not turn anyone away based on their religious beliefs or absence thereof, and encourage all those seeking help to contact us.

Choose the therapists with over 40 years of experience

(Pronounced El Ro-Fay), El Rophe Counseling Center is a Christian counseling center for individual counseling, family counseling, couples/marriage counseling and child/adolescent counseling. Our therapists are trained Clinical Mental Health Counselors (CMHC) and have over 40 years of experience working with a variety of mental health concerns, including:

What can you expect during your counseling session?

During your first session, we'll get to know you as a person and learn more about your concerns. In your following sessions, we will listen and discuss your challenges and their possible causes. Then, we will create a personalized plan that paves the way for you on your journey to wholeness using Christ-centered, holistic values.

Book a session at our counseling center in Waxhaw, NC today. We offer affordable solutions and accept Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance, UnitedHealthcare, UMR and Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.

Serving Waxhaw, Charlotte, Monroe, Rock Hill, Lancaster and all surrounding areas.