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Type A Personalities continued

•Rethink and process the issues of not getting your own way, life being unfair and people not being perfect. It is a myth that when you are hostile with others you make them pay for your dissatisfaction. In actuality, you pay the price for that kind of alienating behavior. You need to decide whether or not you really want to go through life that way and whether the cost is worth it to you.


•It is essential to rethink your pattern of reacting, and come to grips with life and yourself at a deeper level than you ever have before. The result will be changed behavior and improved interpersonal relationships. Also, give yourself permission to put more fun into your life and allow yourself to laugh more.


•If you have a Type A personality you will need more exercise because you are more prone to cardiovascular problems. It is important to watch your diet, give up cigarettes if you smoke, and get adequate rest. These measures could make a significant difference in your life span.

•Discover the source of that pressuring voice within that demands more and more. Is it a voice from the past, a voice that has no place in the present, or is it self-talk that needs to be challenged and changed? Determine if there are painful issues with parents and/or others that need to be resolved.


•It is critical that you learn to relax. This is best accomplished gradually by starting to incorporate a small block of time for fun, relaxation and rest into your daily routine. It will not be natural at first, but with practice it will become more familiar and profitable.


•Because as a Type A person you are probably out of touch with your feelings, you need to look at who you are, and where you are going.  Ask yourself, “Who am I in relationship to my wife, children, etc?  What kind of impact am I having on these significant people in my life? Am I trying to ‘buy off’ my family rather than listening to them, spending time with them, and loving them as people?” Investing yourself in family and relationships rather than in performance has the potential to bring rich rewards into your life. Consider whether you married a Type B person because you needed someone to help you slow down.


If you’ll begin to consistently pace yourself and focus on being, rather than doing, your life will become richer and more rewarding.


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