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Individual therapy will assist the narcissist to:


•Find healing for damaged self esteem;

•Learn to relax, enjoy life, and find peace and tranquility (Prov. 14:30a);

•Develop strategies and techniques for honest and intimate relationships in which they can reveal their true selves in a safe environment while learning to become safe people themselves;

•Learn to satisfactorily handle anger and aggression (Psalm 37:8);

•Understand that if someone disagrees with them it’s not a personal rejection of who they are;

•Accept that they don’t have to be perfect and that it is normal to make mistakes and to fail at times. They are not their mistakes or failures, and they can learn from them (Phil. 1:6);

•Find meaningful outlets through creative work, play and worship;

•Deal with their jealousy and envy (I Peter 2:1); and lastly

•Work on turning weaknesses into strengths, and, with God’s help, become all He intended them to be.


Narcissism is a debilitating and destructive way of life. However, it can be healed. As we yield to the Lord, we will soon discover that He will provide us with all of the love and care we need in order to develop a healthy sense of self esteem and self worth. All that a person could desire!



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