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Criticism continued (6)

5. Consider the critics needs, i.e.:

     o The critic may have far greater problems than that for which they are criticizing you. They may need help themselves, or perhaps their

        critical behavior/attitude is a cry for help from them; and

     o Show them God’s love, grace and forgiveness and try to meet the critic’s needs by ministering to them (Numbers 16:41-44).


6.Lastly, after applying all the above, keep on doing the will of God as you know it to be for you:

    A.  Five rules for knowing God’s will for your life: (Psalms 32:8)

             1. We must be willing to do God’s will (Numbers 22 & 23 . . . re: to Balaam);

             2. God’s will is in harmony with God’s Word (Matthew 4:1-10);

             3. Circumstances may indicate the will of God, e.g., as in Paul’s case in Acts 16:7-13;

             4. Prayer is an avenue in finding God’s will; (Acts 9:6); and

             5. Peace of mind accompanies the doing of God’s will (Philippians 4:6-7 . . the peace of God will keep your heart and mind”).


     B. Four questions you could ask yourself regarding knowing God’s will for your life (Psalms 32:8):

             1. Can it be done to bring honor and glory to Jesus’ name?

             2. Can we do it as a honor and not a reproach?

             3. Can we do it thankfully?

             4. Can we do it heartily as unto the Lord?


     C. Satan would use the criticism to discourage and cause us to desert the task to which we’ve been called, (Philippians 3:14; Ephesians  

         6:14); and


     D. Keep pressing on once you’ve put your hand to the plow (Luke 9:62; Phil. 4:13, 3:14; and Romans 12:1-8).


If we’re wrong we have no business defending ourselves and if we know we’re right we have to defend ourselves. We must “keep on keeping on” to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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